How To Achieve Your Goals To Design Your Future!

Achieving goals is a huge task that needs your full dedication, determination, discipline from the mind and body. We are not talking about a simple goal of buying a car or your dream house, but what I am talking about is your BIG GOALS that will help you design your future into your liking.

We all have goals that we want to achieve whether you want to lose 30 pounds in 3 months, raise your savings to 50%, reach your sales quota this month, make $10,000 dollars in the next 90 days and the list must go on and on…

How to achieve your goals to design your future

We all know that achieving goals wouldn’t be easy at all.

The question here is not about setting your goals, but its about how to achieve your goals.

Is there some secret formula in achieving goals?

And what are the best ways to achieve them?

Most people abandon their goals and dreams because they don’t have the full commitment in attaining what they really want. 

Simple But Powerful Ways How To Achieve Your Goals

Hopefully you will find some of these tips helpful and valuable on how to achieve your goals.

Be Aware of Your Habits:

Over time, what we constantly do becomes our routine &  default reaction.

If you instinctively reach for a cup of coffee the moment you wake up in the morning or if you’re lighting a cigarette after meal  or if you’re having anxiety of not finishing your task or project or getting into minor disagreements or fights each day with your spouse and we fail to stop and reflect on what we’re doing, then you’ve acquired a habit.

Know Your Core Why:

Take more skillful action in the way we think is best to change our bad habits.

Know your core why you want to achieve your goal.  Choosing what you want can only happen when you design a life based on your own liking.

Then this will be based on your own personal values and the way you make them fall into different choices made by you  – whether this will fall to relationships, career, business, money and health and so on.

Know Yourself & Set a Realistic Goal:

Identify yourself and your likes and dislikes.

Everyone wants to achieve the best in every corner of our lives.  We need to be specific on things that we want to accomplish.

This can only be realized when you enhance your abilities and shape your own personal growth working towards in achieving your goals.

We always set some goals for ourselves, but we also need to set some priorities to lead our lives based on the path that we want.

It is always better to write down your specific goals and your progress, so it allows you to stay focused.


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Set a Timeline:  

Set a timeline in order to properly create a schedule and make progress towards your goal.

Setting deadlines for accomplishment is important in achieving your goals.

Having goals that is written down with dates gives you the motivational energy to accomplish things. If you don’t give yourself a timeline to accomplish things, how can you assess your progress?

How often has a task or project taken longer than it should be?

If you don’t set a date for your goal, this can cause to procrastination and easy way you to give up.

Make sure you track your progress. This can help you feel a sense of accomplishment as you see the progress you are making.

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I’d love to hear your comments below. Have you ever achieved any goals in life for the past months?

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