The Power Of Execution To Achieve Your Goal

The Power of Execution to achieve your goal plays an important role in getting the results you want. Whether this goal is a business goal or personal goal of losing weight or spending within your budget.

In business, working hard is not sufficient enough to achieve target sales, revenues or even increase market shares. The disciplines of execution is a powerful formula in achieving goals.

Producing results, you need planning and to execute your plan. Most of us create a good plan or strategy, but if you don’t execute a great plan, you will not attain the results you want. Pretty simple!

Why Leaders Struggle With Execution?

the power of execution to achieve your goal

As every leader knows, getting the commitment of heart and minds of every team player is challenging.  By nature, most people are not disciplined in some aspects of their lives. Even a new year resolution is hard to follow for most individuals.


The simple answer is because most resolutions or achieving goals require a behavioral change and changing a habit is not easy.  When you execute a plan that requires behavioral change from your team, this will be a big challenge for any leader.

The Power Of Execution of Getting The Results You Want

On my vacation trip to London, I’ve got this book with me –  “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” by Chris McChesney , Sean Covey and Jim Huling.

the power of execution to achieve your goals

A remarkable book that I’ve read during the flight.

My imagination ran wild thinking about my project the 90-Day Challenge that  I am working on.

I’ve got several leaders on board facing different challenges on execution. This challenge is all about achieving a certain goal in a period of 90 days. The reason why I drafted this project is to form a habit to those who are aiming to make their first dollar online as well as developing their own skills for money to become the by-product of what they do.

Drafting a plan or strategy is hard, but executing a plan is more harder.

To achieve a certain goal whether a business sign up, sales quota, lose weight or reducing your monthly marketing budget, if you don’t have the complete discipline to execute the process, everything is worthless!

We all want to make passive income from the comfort of our own home, but most of us doesn’t have the consistent effort to execute our goals.

So, upon my return from my trip, I decided to implement the 4 Disciplines of Execution to my teams.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution

Here’s a quick overview of the 4 Disciplines of execution in achieving your wildly important goals.

If you want to get hold of this book, you can get this from Amazon by clicking the below. Note that I am an affiliate of amazon.

Discipline 1:  Focus on the Wildly Important

I remember during my initial days doing this online business. My inbox was bombarded by so many opportunities and promises from different online gurus. One guy will tell me to do this and another one will tell me to do that. Different ideas and lots of things to do.

If you don’t know exactly what you want (I mean your plan or strategy), you will just pull your hair out of your head 🙂

So, bottom line here is simply focus on one goal at a time. Nothing less, nothing more.

If your goal is to create a landing page then only focus on that goal only. Make sure to have a date when to start and deadline date.

Discipline 2:  Act on Lead Measures

Lead measures are those important things that you need to do to bring you closer to your goal. This is where you should bring your whole focus.

For example, if the wildly important goal is to hit $6,030 in 90 days in sales, then the lead measures could be: Get 50-100 traffic every single day to your website and convert 1 traffic into a buyer per day using Google Adwords PPC ads or let say Facebook (depending on your tested traffic sources).

Whatever plan that you want to implement, attaining the results you want are all based on your daily progress.

Discipline 3: Have a Scoreboard or Monitor Your Progress

Seeing your progress every single day is powerful in achieving goals. People acts differently when they see their score. If you know your score or where you are in your playing field, the more you will get engaged.

Discipline 4: Be Fully Accountable

You can learn different things from different mentors, but the doing will be all depending on you. You can be presented by a great business planning, but if you do not have the full commitment each day, weeks or each month, then the discipline of execution vanish.


the power of execution to achieve your goal


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