Marketing Strategies To Increase Sales

Marketing strategies that is suited for small and big businesses.

When it comes to marketing your product or services, you have a lot of options to choose from.  The traditional marketing such as billboard, flyers, tv, radio, newspaper, buses, signage, light box, door to door  versus online marketing such as social media, lead generation, ppc, podcast, video, banner, display ad, cpa, email marketing and so much more.

best marketing strategies to increase sales

If you don’t understand what marketing is, your customers won’t come to you. Everyone seems to have different opinions and interpretations about marketing.

Now, let’s start defining what marketing is…

What is Marketing?

Marketing is how customers perceive you or your business.

  • Some marketing strategies are better than the other because of its ability to generate an emotional response – we normally make our decisions based on our emotions whether we are frustrated, happy or sad.  We buy things based on the emotions they trigger.


  • Prospects become clients when they feel good about choosing you, your product or using your services. In other words, people will buy from you because they trust  your product or services.


  • Customers become repeat buyers because of the value they receive. Though we all know that most consumers are price conscious, some people do not look at the price alone when making their buying decisions, but rather, they consider what kind of value they are getting. What is worth to the buyer.


  • Customers will judge their own experience with you –  how you make them feel.  They also need to feel comfortable using your product or using your services as well as feel confident in your abilities to solve their problem.


Best & Effective Way To Market Your Product  To Increase Sales

Planning properly your marketing strategies from the start is essential to your business success.

You can look into these questions and start answering them to yourself.

  • Why do you think people will choose you or your product/services over your competition?
  • Can you make them feel happy by solving their problems?
  • Are you credible enough to deliver what your customer wants from you?
  • What kind of message (benefits from product/services) that you want to rely to your customers?
  • How are you going to present your product or services to your clients?
  • How well your website experience is designed?

These are only few of the questions that you should ask yourself before you begin & start spending time and money for marketing.

Serving clients well & staying engage with them is only one of the best marketing strategies to increase sales, get repeat order & to get referral business.


Because customers already experienced your product and or services.

How Does Online Marketing Strategy Help Your Business?

Can social media, pay per click ads make your target customers feel good about you and your services?

Great question huh….

The answer is, YES and No because of several factors like:

Do you have a sales funnel in placed?

Many businesses don’t evaluate the process of their leads when they landed to their website (online marketing). Without a sales funnel in placed, its hard to pinpoint why your target customers don’t end up buying or using your services.

Having a sales funnel in placed helps you filter the flow of your traffic whether you are generating leads or getting sales conversions.  This will help you identify the right process necessary to get the best results out of your leads or traffic.

How To Build A Powerful & Convincing Sales Funnel To Turn Prospects Into Buyers 

Nowadays, you can connect with your customers & start building trust by creating a video (live or automated webinars), personalized email sequence using your email service provider (email autoresponder).

Maybe you have heard about email marketing before, but you do not comprehend what exactly is email marketing and how does it work and why you should consider this.

Email marketing is an efficient & effective way to enrich business communications and the most cost-effective way to stay connected & build rapport with your prospects, existing clients & repeat buyers.

Once you already set up the necessary tools for your business, sampling your product is the best and most effective marketing strategy that you can do.

Think about of the food taste inside the supermarket or makeup tester inside the mall or vacuum cleaner testing inside the appliances shop. Sampling your product online is a great way to make your customers feel happy & feel good about your product/services.

Let me give you some examples here…

If let say, you are selling software product you can provide 14 day free trial to your target customers who can benefit from your software.

Or if you are a yoga instructor then you can provide free 3 day yoga session. Just record 3 short videos showing some basic yoga that they can start from home.

This is how you can provide product sampling where your target customers can experience your services/product.

Now, when they started trusting you, they will feel comfortable working with you or buying your product.

Provide product sampling because this is the best & efficient marketing strategy to boost your sales. Research shows that many customers tend to purchase products/services right after product sampling.

Go and identify who should you sampling your product to.

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