Best Business To Start With 10K

If you are looking for the best business to start with 10K, let me share with you my own personal experience after quitting my full time job to start building my business.

I know that starting a business can be daunting to anyone especially if you do not have any business plan in

The best business to start with 10K is only suitable for those people who are willing to risk this amount of money into a business, but what if…

If this is the only money you have for your retirement? Will you be willing to take a risk investing this to a business?

About five years ago I left my highly successful job as an expat executive for 16 years to start my
business. So, instead of investing all my savings & severance pay in building a brick and mortar business
and by taking the long process of the traditional mainstream business planning, I took more of the practical approach in experimenting what’s working and what’s not working online.

Benefits of Building a Business Online

  • You can start a business with minimal investment
  • There is no need for you to go through the long process of business planning
  • You can operate your business anywhere in the world
  • You can get paying clients online
  • You can reach local & global market
  • You can start immediately
  • No need to pay for any office space or warehousing
  • You can run your business with your own rules
  • Your business can be open 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • There’s no need for you to babysit your business
  • You can automate, scale & leverage your business fast

How & Where To Start

First, is you need to identify your super niche.  Who is your target customers?

To whom you want to sell your products or services?

Test your idea in the marketplace if someone will pay you.  You can create a value proposition to your ideal clients, have the offer, have the strategy in placed and do your marketing to see the market response.  Then once you see positive feedback where people is willing to pay you,  from there you can now start designing your website with the right messaging to your ideal customers and  install all the necessary tools you need to run an online business.

The Two Necessary Tools
You Need To Run An Online Business


This is for your email autoresponder so you can send an automated email follow up sequence to your subscribers or mailing lists.  The beauty of online business is you can start building your own customer data base and do email marketing.

Email marketing how does it work


Many businesses don’t evaluate the process of their leads when they landed to their website. Without a sales funnel, its hard to pinpoint why your target customers don’t end up buying or using your services.

Having a sales funnel in placed helps you filter the flow of your traffic whether you are generating leads or sales conversions and helps you identify the right process necessary to get the best results out of your leads or traffic.

What is a sales funnel & why you need one

These are the two necessary tools that you need for you to start running an online business.

Now, if you have 10K to build a business, use this money to market your business using paid advertising provided that you already understand how to set your business framework the right way because you don’t even need $500 to start a viable and successful business online.

The most important is, build a business that is truly unique for you.


Best Business To Start With 10K


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