Adwords Campaign Structure Best Practices

Many online marketers does not have any clues on how Google Adwords campaign structure works.  Their Adwords account got suspended by Google Adwords even before they start running their first ad campaign with Adwords.  This issue happens especially if you are promoting an affiliate product from ClickBank, Peerfly, Clickpromise or any product from other affiliate networks.

Here are some of the few reasons why your account will get suspended by Google Adwords:

  • Directing users to other website that you do not own
  • Misrepresentation of self, product, or services
  • Misleading people 
  • Making false statements about your identity or qualifications
  • Promotions that prompt users to initiate a purchase, download or lead generation without first providing a series of good relevant information

In this post, you’ll learn the Adwords Campaign Structure Best Practices that you can apply in promoting any product whether from ClickBank, Amazon, Peerfly, Commission Junction or your own product or services.


Google Adwords PPC Ad Architecture

There is no magic pill for structuring your account with Google Adwords. You just need to simply understand each segments before initiating your first campaign with Google Adwords.

1. Campaign:

Campaigns are often used to organize your categories of products or services that you want to offer. Your campaign must be centered around your products/services you provide.  Your Adwords account can manage one or many ad campaigns.  

2.  Ad Groups:  

Under each campaign, you need to create an ad groups. Each Ad Groups must be centered around your keywords.  There’s no recommended number of ad groups to have under a campaign, but I recommend to start with a smaller variation for you not to stretch out your budget.

Ad groups contain keywords (1-3 keywords/ad group or max of  5 keywords/ad group) to be laser targeted.  These keywords will trigger your text ads (2-3 per ad group), and then direct to a relevant landing page.

3. Keywords:

Your keywords must be centered around words/phrases that users search with, to find products or services in Google Search Engine.  Remember that your keywords will fall under each ad group, so make sure to choose the right keyword/phrases that will trigger to your text ad.

You can set your keyword in 4 different ways to tell Google how you want your ad to be triggered based on your set keyword match types.

 Google Adwords 4 Keyword Match Types:

Broad Keyword Match

Modified Broad Match

Phrase Match

Exact Match


You need to spend time refining and optimizing your keyword strategy over time.

4. Ad Text:

This is the actual ad text that will appear in Google when someone type the keywords/phrases on Google Search Engine. When users click this ad text, these users will be redirected to your landing page.  Your text ads must be centered around the keywords in the associated Ad Group.


Adwords Campaign Structure Best Examples

I’ll show you an example of an account with a structure of campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads that can guide you to set up your first Adwords PPC Ad. I hope you’ll find this helpful in creating your first adwords campaign, and if you need some help,  you can always leave me a comment below.

In this example, I will show you how I use Google AdWords to market a product from ClickBank.  In ClickBank you can find several products that ranges from health & fitness, E-Business & Marketing, Games, Business/Investing and so much more.


Structuring Your First Adwords Campaign

Adwords Campaign Structure Best Practices


You can structure your AdWords account by using the product categories that ClickBank uses to create your different campaign.  This is best suited if you plan to create an online retailer website or a review site promoting ClickBank products.

But, if you are planning to create your own branding online,  you can structure your campaign based on how you structure your website.

Here’s how I structured this website –

Adwords Campaign Structure Best Practices


Using the structure of your own website as a model in structuring  your Adwords account not only makes it easy for you to find each campaign in your account (well organized), but it’s also an excellent way of making your ads relevant to your target users.


This is how I structured my Google Adwords Account based on my existing website categories.

Adwords Campaign Structure Best Practices

Structuring Your First Ad Groups

When building your Ad Groups for retail shop or product review website, you can create different ad groups for each and every product in your website/store.

Below is an example of ClickBank products for Health & Fitness Category:  The renegade diet, 5 day detox, kidney disease solution and so much more as per below screenshot.

Adwords Campaign Structure Best Practices

Your Ad Group structure can be based from the products available under each category (campaign).  When you organize your products in your Ad Groups, you can easily create a relevant sets of keywords for each product on your website, create relevant text ads for each product, and link these ads to your relevant landing pages.

Now, based on this website, under ClickBank Breakthroughs categories (red circle below),  I have one post with a title of “How to make your first $100 with ClickBank  (see below screenshot).

Adwords Campaign Structure Best Practices

Please remember that each ad group will contain ads and keywords that are only related to one specific product, to increase the relevance of the ads and its quality score.  So when someone is searching for 5 day diet (based on retail  or review site) & “how to make your first $100 with ClickBank” (based on mybizbreakthroughs website) –  if an ad for 5 day diet or make money with ClickBank ad campaign triggered, and a user clicks on that ad, then the user will be redirected to the page for 5 day diet or to ClickBank make money landing pages.

Without this structure, the ads would not be able to accurately match the keywords. Matching the users’ search queries with targeted ads greatly increases the number of relevant clicks and purchases, as the customer is sent straight to the page of what they are looking for.


Structuring Your First Set Of Keywords

It’s critical to conduct a thorough keyword research and understanding the different keyword match types.
Here’s the example keywords I used that is related to “how to make money with ClickBank” ad.


Adwords Campaign Structure Best Practices


This is how my ad was shown in Google 

Adwords Campaign Structure Best Practices

And here’s the results I’ve got after running this campaign in few days

10 Conversions (32.26%) with Google average position of 1.5

Adwords Campaign Structure Best Practices



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