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It’s not hard to decide what you want your life to be about, but what’s hard is filtering out what you’re willing to give up & do the things that you really love doing.



Hello – My name is Jeng Cua, founder of and


If you’re looking for business breakthroughs and want to learn how to become successful ever – for money to become the by-product of what you do, well… you’re in the right place because I will be here as your Breakthrough Guide!


I assembled these four video series for you to understand how to structure an online business from the comfort of your home without confusion & overwhelm.


Here’s how it all got started…


Since the day I graduated from college, I’ve been working for 23 years of my life for someone else! Seven years as a flight attendant and sixteen years as an expat executive involved in business startup.  I used to borrow my lifestyle from credit card debts when I was living in New York – living pay check to pay check and really there’s nothing to my name.


I made my biggest decision to quit my full time job on May 2, 2012, I got involved with Network Marketing business selling nutritional supplements thinking that this is the business that I can consider my own to attain the financial freedom that I’ve been looking for, but….


After seven months of chasing prospect after prospect, doing the cold callings, meeting up people at the coffee shop and discussing my business opportunity over our dinner table with families and friends, then I realized that this is NOT the kind of business that I want to pursue.


I searched online about  “how to make money” opportunities, but the majority of my time was spent bouncing through scams and sifting through various websites, but only to find out that there is no step-by-step solution for me to get started.


Yes, it’s “we”.  My husband and I quit our full time job together at the same time. This is one of our biggest decision we made in our life in discovering the unknown…


Everybody says you would be foolish to give up a steady pay-check and a corporate job security to take a chance on something new. This is absolutely true! Do not quit or give up any steady pay check unless you have some emergency funds that you can count on for at least 6-12 months. Better to take some calculated risks.


I’m definitely not trying to encourage you to march into your own boss office and quit your job tomorrow without any plan of contigencies or any safety net, but here’s my good news for you – if you have great ideas or anything that you are deeply passionate about and wants to turn this to a viable business, then follow your intuition to go from ordinary to extraordinary!

Though, I had full experience in setting up and running a multi-million dollar business from scratch (mainstream business) , running an online business is something new to me.  


I don’t have any technical skills, I don’t even have any idea how facebook works, no idea what a domain and html is, I don’t even have an idea what an email auto-responder is and don’t understand any single internet lingo that most online marketers are using.


If you will ask me from a scale of 1-10, I must admit that I am below 1.

Initially, all I want is to make money.  All I want is to simply fulfill my own personal desire.  I have no idea Why should my business exist? and Why should you care.


My first website sucks and my first product launched flops. Obviously, that website and product is no longer exists!


The process of building my own business online has not been easy for me.  I made a lot of mistakes, a lot of trials and errors, but I learned how to engage those mistakes because every time I made mistakes I find my ways to correct it.  It’s okay to fall, but it’s not okay for me to stay down.  Mistakes are my best teacher and companion because without these mistakes this website will not be here for you.

I learned that when you’re motivated and determined,
you’ll be more than willing to do whatever it takes and
everything else will take care of itself.

I had always enjoyed selling stuffs from t-shirt, headbands, shoes, urea, gowns, sacks, you name it. When I was a flight attendant, I still continue this habit of selling stuffs from Hanes Stockings, Perfumes and Levi’s to those overseas workers in Jeddah & Riyadh. I guess entrepreneurship is already part of my DNA. However, I never considered building my own website myself, mastering Google Adwords, make money blogging, creating my own online courses and as business consultant as my career option now.


I graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science in Tourism, I had never built a website before until I finally had my light bulb moment when I started asking myself – if I knew how to build and run a multi-million dollar business totally from scratch, why not apply this to an online business with automation where you can go vacation without babysitting your business.


This is my full intention behind everything I write and do to motivate and encourage entrepreneurship – “I’m going to create the perfect online business breakthrough system to build your business momentum to design your future!”


Sometimes it’s easy to sit down and think about how things could be, how easy to imagine something, but actually getting anything you seek can be extremely hard, but if you have an UNSTOPPABLE mindset to succeed there is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE!




That’s when….

My best advice for anyone that wants to build an online business

If you get stuck at any point along your journey or have any questions – always remember that every single problem you will encounter has been encountered by lots of people before you (including myself) and there will be always a way to help you solve this.


Use Google Search to figure out a solution. This will help you a lot more than simply getting an answer from me and will help you develop the most important skill for any entrepreneur – problem solving.


Regarding the business I teach (how to breakthrough online), as long as you follow through with the directions given in this website, not only will help you start to generate some passive income online, you’ll definitely develop your own skills for you not to depend on anyone or anything when it comes to money making – Let the money become the by-product of what you do!


Running an online business  is a continuous journey and inexpensive because there are hardly any overhead expenses, there really is nothing to lose that will give you a big chance to earn once you get good at it. Give yourself a chance to learn, grow and do some of your own exploration as well. Try and think how you can take everything  from this site to build something even bigger than what I teach. Be creative yourself and enjoy every bit of the process in designing your future!

Few Things To Consider:

  • Every single day, make sure you grow your business in some little ways.
  • Build and maintain forward momentum (compounding small effort will give you enormous results).
  • Don’t be a perfectionist! Nobody’s perfect. Implement what you’ve learn immediately.
  • This isn’t a perfect business and the people who are successful are the ones taking small actions each day and trying more things and learn as they go.
  •  If something doesn’t come out as what you want, continue to experiment and just move forward.
  • You really don’t need anything more than what is taught inside our online courses, if applied correctly you can take this business in all kinds of directions.

And that is exactly the point of this online platform.  To build your own website (your own business) to generate passive income with automation for many many years to come 🙂

Also, please visit my online courses page so you can learn more about our current (and future) products for you  to take full advantage of it.


I am so grateful to have my beautiful family who always continue to inspire, motivate and support me in whatever I do.


I consider myself the luckiest person on Earth!  I have my understanding, supportive & good looking husband who is always beside me 24/7 supporting my dreams day in and day out.  I have my beautiful & smart daughter & an awesome achiever son.  I have nothing more to say except…. that I am so blessed with my life!


This is based from Linked-in Endorsement

Things That I Love To Do:


I love reading books anything about personal growth & development, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership, mindset or  any other business development related; I love visualizing my ideal life with cut images and dream drop box to saturate my mind with it;  I love to surround myself with like minded people to rewire my brain frequency to the highest standard, I am a good listener and student; I strongly developed the habit of positive thinking and action taker. I love teaching and helping others to  get to their positive state in their lives.


Maybe you already know that Filipinos can sing and dance. I guess I am the only Filipino who can’t sing, but at least I can dance a bit. I love eating, but not much of sweets (lucky huh…).  I have the full patience in learning anything  except… SEWING & IRONING!


Things You Don’t Know About Me:

I love dogs. I used to have Poodle, Collie & Shetland Sheepdog; currently I have a Golden Retriever (Dogglas)

I am a cruise junkie. I love to be confined inside the cruise with free flow of food and relaxing activities

I love crabs, from Steam with garlic, vinegar  to Chilli Curry  –  this is one of my favourite

During our wedding anniversary, we’re taking photos wearing the same clothes (our wedding outfit). Our yearly routine!

I love packing, get on the plane & a big fan of cruising; I love travelling for the food, thrill and culture.  My wanderlust to travel and explore the world has grown ever since, but this time it’s not because of my career as a flight attendant, but because of the things that I’d love doing that allows me to shaping my life into my liking!


Here’s where I put all together all my family travel moments, laughters, food, excitement and great experiences traveling around the world  to keep friends, family and my students informed.  This travel blog serves as my own personal travel diary for me to keep organized with our travel photos and videos taken during our trip. Once in a while you will see some retro posting (our old travel memories that will pop out here and there -:)


Nevertheless, if you stumbled upon my travel blog I hope this can also help you to make your travel plan with Ease!


This is what I loved most in building my own business with automation, I can travel the world at anytime I want and the joy of being with my family in other countries.

We Make Business Breakthroughs SIMPLE!

To Design Your Future!