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Stay in control of your advertising budget in reaching out to your potential customers.

Take Out The Guesswork!
Google Adwords PPC Mastery 
The Ultimate & Affordable To Convert Your Traffic.
Reach The Right People & Pay Only For Results!


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Why You Need Adwords PPC Mastery?

Finding The Right Customers That is Highly Qualified to your Business

Get Discovered on your Industry by Writing an Effective Ads that Converts

Building The Illusions Of Grandeur by Leveraging The Power of Remarketing

Learning Outcomes:

The Ultimate and Affordable Adwords PPC Mastery Training Ever!


You Will…



*  Successfully implement an online Ad Campaigns that will attract the right customers to your business

*  Analyse the internal search data your customers are searching for

*  Develop a multichannel strategy that delivers on your marketing objectives

*  Create online brand domination that works in your industry

*  Gain confidence in crafting a highly effective PPC ads that encourage click-throughs and conversions

*  You will develop a bid management strategy to maximise high quality visitors and minimise costs

*  Gain great perspective on online marketing in both local and global market

*  Remarket to your previous website visitors to get them coming back to your site

*  How to easily double and drive consistent traffic to your business

*  Stay in control of your advertising budget in reaching out to your potential customers

Who Can Benefit From This Course?

Local Business Owners

Flower shop, hair salon, furniture, restaurant, etc.


Dentist, Chiropractor, Certified Lawyer, Accountant, etc.

Product Vendors/Owners

Authors, Ebook Vendors, Software Developers, etc.

High Paying Jobs 

Paid Search Specialists, Digital Marketing Specialists

Big or Small Companies

Construction, Insurance, Food Manufacturing, etc.

E-Commerce Business

Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, 3dcart, etc.

Take Out The Guesswork!

Stay in control of your advertising budget
in reaching out to your potential customers

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Q & A

Question 2:
How updated is this course? I saw Adwords platform is frequently updated by google

During the completion of this course, Adwords shifted to its new interface. Therefore, this course is a combination of the old and new interface to cater both users and will continue to update this from time to time


Question 4:
How much budget should I need to run an Adwords PPC campaign?


You can start as low as $5.00/day or more

Question 1:
What is the course structure?

It is presented in 12 modules with 79 lessons in video format


Question 3:
Does the training include any direct support from you from questions and clarifications?

Yes. I will provide direct support for any questions or clarifications


Question 5:
How much time do I need to complete this course?


Each video lessons will take from 5 minutes to 25 minutes. So, if you can consume 2 lessons per day you can complete this  in 39 days


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