Get To Know Your Dark Side To Get What You Want In Business

Get to know your dark side is important to get anything you want in life and in business.

Once we orient ourselves by getting to know our dark side instead of avoiding it, we develop ourselves to deal with life more effectively. And those things that before difficult for us, become easier & manageable to deal with because we gain more confidence and even grow more stronger, which I think is the main root of a satisfying life.

Get to know your dark side to get what you want in business

In our lives we face different challenges like unemployment, grief, divorce, finances, death, illness or even fear of building our own business.

We often turn away from it rather than facing it. Get to know your dark side and facing it head on is essential to live a satisfying life and to breakthrough in your business.

Why we are always afraid of facing the reality?  And pretends that everything is just fine with us?

On the other side of us, we always wanted to have something and wishing for like we want to be loved, we want to live more luxurious, we want to be entertained, we want to be promoted or we want to be successful.

The big question here is… Do you really know who you are? I mean your dark and your bright side?

Understand Your Dark Side To Get Control Of Everything

To enjoy life then we must aligned ourselves towards facing the reality.

Maybe you never noticed that if you are nice to people, they will treat you nicely.

If you judge other people, people will also judge you.  If you are generous, people will also be generous to you.

Let me share you this, my husband and I whenever we see beggars we normally give them something -whether it’s a food or money. And one time in Hong Kong, we bought this mark six lottery ticket and we won  68K HKD this is equivalent to about $8,000 US dollar. Then once when I was in Manila doing my shopping I spent around $100 and on the spot the cashier told me that I won PHP100,000 pesos (about 2,000 US dollar).

So, in whatever we do – how we treat people, how we work, how we play the stock market, how we run our day, how we get our business client, how we clean our house there’s good and bad, there’s up and down, there’s day and night  and  there is give and take.

They always come in pairs known as the action & reaction forces or the cause and effect.

This is the law of physics the Newton’s law of universal gravitation. Two bodies attract each other with equal and opposite forces. The magnitude of this force is proportional to the product of the two masses and is also proportional to the inverse of the distance between the centers of mass of the two bodies.

Whether you want to improve your health issues, your mental state, your relationship with your spouse or kids or the results that you want in your business knowing your dark and bright side will help you understand the reaction of any actions that you put in.


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