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There are all sorts of ways in which to really helpgrow your businessonline. One of the best marketing techniques is still to blog. Although blogging is evolving, for financial professionals that are allowed, it could be best single marketing tool you have.

The general idea is to blog once a week for a full year. These blog posts will assist you in attracting google search on specific targeted niches or locations that you so choose.

What to Write about in Insurance:

Almost every financial person that I speak with asks me the same question. How do you know what to write about? Simple, start off by answering typical targeted questions that you often get. Make your article a long form answer that does a deep dive into a subject. For Example: How to Check a Life Insurance Rating with AM Best. Do not skip information that you believe is obvious or that consumers should already know. Many people will not know what you think they should know.

Length and Tone:

There is much debate on the internet about writing in the first or the third persons. For a small business, my advice is always the same = It Does Not Matter, But Do Keep it the Same throughout and Article. Agency owners are not blogging about insurance to print a book that will survive the ages, you are trying to share some practical advice and hope to attract clients by doing so.

The length of each blog post is of serious importance. In the beginning shoot for at least 600 words. Once you have written ten articles start stepping it up to a minimum of 1000 words. If you are struggling to come up with that word count try broadening what you are discussing or try citing specific examples.

Use Local to Your Advantage:

If you are a local agency trying to attract area clients you have a real advantage. Understand your target area and blog about the specific area and problem. For example is your insurance agency based in a rural county in Texas where wildfires are a real issue? How about an article titled: Wildfire Insurance Concerns in Young County?

Write for Scanners:

If your goal is to increase business, then you should blog to get quote requests and contact forms filled out. From a business standpoint – It does not matter if they read your article. Some people will come to your blog and want the answer to their issue in ten seconds. Occasionally that answer will be for them to fill in a very simple contact form. Make it easy for them, give them access to a contact forms everywhere.

For the rest of the scanners, set up your blog post so it is easy to scroll through. In other words, add lots of small pictures. Add an occasional chart or other eye appealing sources of information. Help people want to look at more.

Link for Authority, Link for Continued Reading:

There are two main types of backlinks to put into your article. Links that establish and show authority. Such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safetyor financial newspapers. In the eyes of many readers this will make you more credible.

The other type of links that you should consider putting in your article are directional. For more information on term life insurance lengths, for example, go here. These allow people that are fully reading your article to choose another one to read.

Some Tools that May Help:

First off, the best and most useful tool on the internet available for all small businesses is Google Local. Make sure that your business and blog are listed with google and that you have ‘claimed’ the business. Although this is a free service it is far better than almost all the paid services out there.

Second you will hear a lot about back linking, both good and bad, but everyone seems to agree that listing your insurance blog on a various financial and insurance directories is a good idea, here are a few to consider:

Insurance Agent Directory

My Complete Markets

Next the world of the internet is filled with copied information. Avoid this by using a product called copyscape. When in doubt, never copy lengthy information. In certain situations though, copying to a small extent is almost expected. Such as the definition of life insurance. However notate where the information was pulled from and use and link back to that authoritative site.

If you use these simple techniques and tools for one years time, most local insurance agencies are likely to see an increase in internet related leads. Blogging is not as hard as some will tell you, but it will take long term persistence.

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