The Breakthroughs Mastery Course
Everything you need to get started in building your “OWN” Online Business…

A  Step-By-Step Business Setup System To Generate Passive Income 


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How would you like to start earning a regular flow of income to help you pay your bills and go vacation not on credits?


Have you ever been in a situation like you are doing everything you are taught, working 2 jobs, but still your budget exceeds your income and can’t cope up paying your monthly bills, credit card debts and house mortgage?


Wouldn’t it be awesome to start building your “own” business that nobody can take away from you & earn passive income while you work? 


Imagine not bringing in enough income to pay your bills or those unexpected expenses that come up every so often. Perhaps you don’t have to imagine that scenario —
you’re living it!


As long as there is a buying & selling activities on this planet, there have been people making multiple six-seven figure businesses.


So, why does becoming an online business entrepreneur  feel overwhelming and complex? Well, some people would rather this remain a mystery to you or a be hard goal to reach. Also, we live in a world of information overload. Even if you find good information, you might not be sure if you can trust it.


When I first learned how to make money online, I said, “This is it…” because your first is always the hardest, but when you started developing your skills, your next will always be more easier!


Sometimes you just need a hands-on “do it now, read later” experience to get you started.


With the Breakthroughs Mastery Course, you will learn…

All the preparation

Hook mastery

Conversion mastery

Traffic mastery

Simple. Overwhelm not included.


If you don’t have yet a product to sell, we did all the work for you. This home study course and things to do will walk you through on how to EARN while you’re still learning, step-by-step. Designed for super-busy people.

Empowering. Be confident using your laptop & internet connection.


The Breakthroughs Mastery Course will help you learn the basic fundamentals to structure a REAL profitable business that will works for you 24/7, which is an empowering feeling to design your FUTURE!


When you have done something “hands-on,” you’ll never forget it. You’ll know how to apply these techniques with other product, services or company that you want to promote.



Build your own Irresistible Sales Funnel.


Learn the Strategies & Psychology in Creating an Effective Custom Sales Funnel to attract new clients to pay you over anyone else.


From there, you’ll learn how to deploy your capture mechanism to attract your qualified customers.


Do split testing to see which webpages gives you the highest conversion – both opt-ins & sales!


Take the steps to start a business within the next 30-90 days!


Once you completed the Breakthroughs Mastery Course, you’ll know what to do next. It’s the first step on the journey to run your own online business efficiently and succesfully.


A Step-By-Step Learning System for…

Save tons of money from now on!


Once you know how to:


  • Build your own customer data base, learn how to engage and maintain them, you’ll continually increase your income.


  • Treat your finances like an Inc., you can tremendously give yourself a raise every single day & no longer spend more than your income.


  • Develop your skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur, then you’ll begin to make money – for money to become the by-product of what you do.




For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts
on the first visit. Retargeting is the best strategy to help businesses reach the 98% of users who don’t convert right away – as simple as ‘follow’ your audience all over the Web.

Start directing your hard work towards creating a foundation of
wealth and freedom for yourself!

Curriculum For This Course


MODULE 1:  Preparation & What You’ll Need:


LESSON 1:     Principles of Personal Vision to Get Anything You Want:  How To Set a Behavior to Make Things Happen 

LESSON 2:     Understanding The Right Framework of a Successful Online Business – Part 1

LESSON 3:     Understanding The Right Framework of a Successful Online Business – Part 2 

LESSON 4:     Knowing Your Core Why & Who You Are: Your Path To Success

LESSON 5:     Introduction to Affiliate Marketing: Profit Fast From The Lowest Hanging Fruit – Part 1

LESSON 6:     Introduction to Affiliate Marketing: Profit Fast From The Lowest Hanging Fruit – Part 2

LESSON 7:     Strategizing an Influential Campaign Blueprint 

LESSON 8:     Getting The Campaign Blueprint “Go Signal”

LESSON 9:     Domain Ownership & Web Hosting

LESSON 10:   Closing The Loop: Getting Things Done



MODULE 2:  Hook Mastery

LESSON 1:     Strategies & Psychology in Creating an Effective Custom Sales Funnel

LESSON 2:     Landing Page Secret Formulas

LESSON 3:     Landing Page Creation Demo From Scratch – Part 1

LESSON 4:     Landing Page Creation Demo From Scratch – Part 2

LESSON 5:     Creating Your Own Custom Video

LESSON 6:     Connecting The Dots

LESSON 7:     Pre-flight Check Before Launching Your Campaign



MODULE 3:  Conversion Mastery

LESSON 1:     Conversion Tracking Set Up

LESSON 2:     Creating A Custom Domain Tracking Using A Sub-Directory

LESSON 3:     Split Testing Demonstration

LESSON 4:     Facebook Conversion Pixels Install To Webpage

LESSON 5:     Creating A Facebook Remarketing Audience

LESSON 6:     Setting Up A Google Analytics Account

LESSON 7:     Install Google Analytics Tracking ID To Website

LESSON 8:     Creating A Google Adwords Conversion Tag & Install To Website




LESSON 1:     Facebook Ad Creation

LESSON 2:     How To Avoid Google Adwords Account Suspension

LESSON 3:     Understanding The Rules To Structure A PPC Ad In Adwords

LESSON 4:     Creating Your First Ad In Google Adwords

LESSON 5:     Creating A Remarketing List With Google Adwords

LESSON 6:     Remarketing Tag Verification With Google Tag Assistant

LESSON 7:     Creating A Remarketing Campaign With Google Adwords

LESSON 8:     Monitoring Campaign & Ad Group Performance

LESSON 9:     4 Best Driving Traffic Methods In Facebook

LESSON 10:   Analyzing, Tweaking & Adjusting

LESSON 11:   Scale and Leverage


What People Are Saying…

I bought Jeng Cua Course because I saw
her excellent Step by Step Video in YouTube.

After that I was ready to follow her.
I have been in many Mastery Courses run
by multi millionaires, but this is the Best by far.
Jeng Cua is a very kind and genuine person.
Her Course is down to Earth and easy to follow,
I highly recommend her Breakthroughs
Mastery Course for everyone.


–  Jari Wilenius, Finland

I bought her course and I must say she includes
a LOT in there. Useful stuffs only. No fluff and
no filler. Step by step and a deep dive into exactly
how to do email marketing with affiliate products,
driving traffic and tracking conversions.

I’m impressed by the high quality of her training.
This lady means serious business! I was happily
surprised that this is a quality course when it
comes to the content.  It’s geared towards total
beginners, but still it goes throughs everything
from total beginner level, to intermediate,
and advanced level too.

It’s also included action steps that you
supposed to finish before moving on
to the next training video. 

– Marko Akinaga, Japan

“Upon discovery of this, I got hooked with all the videos presented by Ms. Jeng Carreon Cua, this online Breakthrough Course is what I really need, the steps are clear and easy to follow. I see clearly now what was missing in what i do since I started online marketing years back but earn very little. The tools and the strategies are just amazing. I love the challenge and this time the Breakthrough that I want will soon be a reality. My success will be my way of blessing others as well. Thanks Ms. Jeng for sharing this!”

Joy Robosa, Philippines

“I decided to buy breakthroughs mastery course and this course is very helpful for all people.Actually there is a lot of course for making money online but the reason why other course and this course has much different it’s easy to understand it has step by step video trainings and content for home work so we know clearly what we must need to do and it has breakthrough mastery course group for their members where we can ask anything if we are facing any problem about course”

– Waqas Qureshi, Dubai

“Hello Jeng, I much say that you have hit a homerun with this one. Thanks also for emphasizing that any changes that one makes depends on oneself.One shoe does not fit all but for myself I am definitely coming aboard with your training,You have put it altogether for those of us that would like a better future in all ways.100% to you.”

– Craig Roberson, USA

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I’ve included some free bonus stuff…

BONUS: Access to I’am a Champion 90-Day Challenge!


You will get INSTANT access to I’am a Champion 90-Day Challenge at the end of each modules.  The 90-Day Challenge includes… A 90-Day supplements to push you to keep going each day.  This is the best challenge for you to EARN while you learn.


The ENTIRE 90-Day Challenge is posted in a streaming video. This is great for folks who want a head start and start generating some extra income while mapping out your “Own” business plan.


Also, this is a wonderful solution to those beginners who haven’t made any dollar online. We add  videos from time to time, such as different traffic methods – both free & paid, how to build and lead your own tribe and other pills to get the results you want.


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied, we will refund your
money, No Questions Asked.

If you are not completely satisfied with the journey, and for any other reasons you’ll get from the Breakthroughs Mastery Course, then we will refund your money – NO QUESTIONS ASKED, no heart feelings!


I am so confident that you will absolutely love the journey in building your “Own” Online Business Breakthroughs in Designing Your Future, that we’re offering a “100% guarantee.”



Will you try to REINVENT the way you make a living? Do what you love and Design your Future?


It’s 100% risk free. How’s that for guarantee?


Save $30 on the Breakthroughs Mastery Course

Breakthroughs Mastery Course

Order the Course today and save $30

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